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Your Team

Marco picture.png

Marco Zamudio

Chief Executive Officer

Tel: 813 205-5777

Tricia Picture.png

Patricia Azulay Zamudio

CO Founder
Vice President of Sales

Tel: 310 242-0380

Linda Encinio pictures 1.png
Casaundra Black.jpg

Linda Encinio

Casaundra Black

Sr Closer/ Funder
Tel: 702 448-8869
Senior Loan Officer

Tel: 425 949-9896


Richard Yonis

Managing Director

Tel: 949 633-0008

Capture Aggie.JPG
 Aggie Dorr
Senior Loan Originator

Tel: 847 630-0840

Brig Lawson pictures.png

Brig Lawson

Account Executive

Tel: 702 349-0018

Ralf Ramos.png

Ralf Ramos

Account Executive
Tel: 702 957-9281
Stephanie picture .png

Stephanie Morales

Ivory Pictures.png

Ivory Sandoval

Loan Officer

Tel: 916 640-9362

Michael Dorr

Senior Underwriter

Tel:702 448-8869

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